Set up two-step verification for your Microsoft 365 account

From your mobile phone Download Microsoft Authenticator app Configure the Microsoft Authenticator App. Select Add account or “+” Select Work or school account Select Scan QR Code Allow the app to use your phone’s camera. The QR code will be scanned after.   From your computer Go to  Log in with your email address […]

Backup and Sync discontinued and replaced with Drive for desktop

On October 1st backup and Sync will no longer be operational, and will be replaced by Drive for desktop. Starting from July 19, 2021 users will get a guided flow to help users transition onto Drive for desktop. from August 18, 2021 users still on backup and sync will get a prompt to upgrade to […]

How to setup public key authentication and ssh into Cisco ASA

It is always best to add an extra layer of security when connecting to your ASA over SSH using Putty. First thing we need to do is create a public/private keypair. There are many ways to do it. Using puttygen.exe is one of the simplest. You can download it from here. Generating a public/private key pair After downloading […]