Must-Have Tech to Run and Grow your Small Business

Running your own small business can involve juggling a lot of tasks yourself. Thankfully, technology can help make your day-to-day easier so you can focus on the things that matter more.
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Wearing a lot of hats is the reality especially when you’re starting out and still getting your business on the ground. Oftentimes when it’s just you and maybe one or two other people handling stuff like project management, inventory, accounting, human resource, and marketing your product or service. It can get pretty overwhelming, sometimes affecting your performance and ability to grow. 

But you don’t have to be bogged down by every little thing, particularly where technology can help take off some tasks and hours of work off your hands. And the good news: you don’t have to be a tech startup or a big enterprise to be able to have access to these tools and services. 

Check out these tech solutions we believe are must-haves in growing your business and running your day-to-day. 

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Whatever type of business your run, you need customers. You need to generate leads and convert them into paying clients. With a CRM, a cloud-based software, you can easily manage your business’ relationships with both potential and existing customers and track data that will help inform your sales and marketing efforts.

2. Payment Processing System

Having a system that makes payment as easy and convenient as possible is another critical part of your business. Boost your business with diverse payment options like online payment gateways (e.g., PayPal), credit card terminals, digital wallets, etc.

3. Cloud Solutions

Did you know that about 94% of all companies use cloud services? Most business processes happen and rely on the cloud today – be it for communications, seamless collaboration on documents and files, storing or backing up your data, project management, etc. 

5. Business Website

Let’s face it: if you’re a business with no online footprint whatsoever, do you even exist? With an official website, potential customers can look up key info about your business such as your products and services, prices, operating hours. This establishes credibility and also gives you another channel to generate interest and leads.

4. Social Media

At least 41% of local businesses depend on social media to drive revenue, while 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchasing decisions. Using social media in your marketing strategy should be a no-brainer.

6. Cybersecurity
Digital tools and technologies can make life easier but with it comes cyberthreats. As a business, securing your data and privacy should be serious concern. Getting data security solutions to protect the integrity of your tech tools and systems from theft, attacks, and data loss will be good for your peace of mind and as a long-term investment. 


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