Onsite IT Support & Remote Support

Which Is Best For Your Business?

Onsite IT vs. Remote Helpdesk

Benefits of onsite IT support

 Onsite IT support is inherently more relational than helpdesk support, because it involves face-to-face communication.

 The intangible benefit, relational service can play a large role in effective IT support. It establishes trust and proximity, which lead to proactive communication. Secondly, onsite IT support is more likely to be strategic than remote helpdesk support.  Because onsite support personnel are familiar with users and their needs, they can better recommend strategic plans. The most tangible benefit of onsite IT support is its role in solving hardware issues. 

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Onsite IT support-

When you face difficulties in handling your IT systems, then give us a call right away!

We can provide onsite support as needed. 

CICT Solutions will be your Onsite IT Support that will ultimately and effectively improve your IT system 

Benefits of remotely IT support

 Remote helpdesk support refers to technical assistance that’s provided by offsite personnel over a remote communication channel – chat, video call, phone and email.

 Helpdesk support services simply tend to be more cost-efficient plus it offers greater availability than onsite support, This mode of support is less suited to uncovering inefficiencies and hidden problems.

 Remotely helpdesk support isn’t able to address most of the physical hardware issues.

Looking for an IT Support Provider onsite & remotely?

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Why should you choose CICT SOLUTIONS?

We are able to deliver outstanding IT Support through our IT technicians because they truly understand the challenges our clients. For a thorough understanding of your needs, Onsite & Remotely.

CICT Solutions Advantage works as follows:

Minimizing disruption to your business and improving productivity and system uptime

Better resources and superior expertise at a relatively lower cost.

We handles all software updates, so organizations no longer have to worry about that

Reduces the amount of time spent by in-house departments on services

Technical Onsite visits &

Remote IT Support are available

The two modes of support are complementary to each other, and accordingly the best IT solutions to get both 

CICT IT Solutions That Cater to Your Specific Needs

With a focus on helping businesses make change happen, CICT Solutions provides complete IT solutions across Australia and further afield.  Include disaster recovery, security, and a private cloud for the delivery of dedicated business requirements, businesses certainly needn’t look any further for infrastructures that can withstand even modern day challenges. 

Onsite IT Support and Remote IT Support that covers:

  • Desktop Support
  • Server Support
  • Application Support
  • Device Support
  • Networks support

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